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Kiddie Pool Water Keep Clean

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Kiddie Pool Water Keep Clean

Things You'll Need

Chlorine Alternatives
Scrubbing Brush
Pool Skimmer Net
Pool Vacuum

Learn on how to keep your children's pool clean and safe for all ages.


1 If you have a Kiddie Pool like the one pictured, it is recommend that you drain the pool and simply scrub the interior with a pool brush and rinse the pool out with soap. Since this pool is small, it's easier to drain the pool and refill it when ready for use.

2 If you have a pool like the one pictured, your pool comes with a water filter. Most of the water filters are designed to help circulate the pool water and keep algae and other bacterias from forming. It is recommended that you run your filter for at least an hour a day.

3 To keep your pool clean, it is recommended that you purchase an above ground chlorine dispenser, as pictured. This dispenser hold the chlorine tablets and floats in your pool. When you run your filter, the dispenser circulates around the pool, dispensing the chlorine.

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